jped Mathematics Factoids

A Synopsis of Results in School Mathematics

Stuff to do with learning mathematics at school based on my experience of teaching mathematics at the King's School Canterbury.


factoid - noun - an item of unreliable information that is reported and repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact.


This website presents a plain list of definitions, results and theorems that are generally found in school mathematics as it is taught in the United Kingdom. The use of the word factoid nods to reality that most pupils cram these results temporarily in order to pass exams. At the same time it begs the question about truth. In each case there should be enough for an active student to work through and validate each case.


This is not an on-line text book but a project inspired by Carr's Synopsis of Results in Elelmentary Mathematics, which was a similar list of results, theorems and difintions written for a different age and used by the famous Indian mathematician and autodidact Ramanujan.


The project is a work in progress and is not complete. It is my own thing and whilst publicly shared, is not really intended for others to use. There will be errors and mistakes for which I take no responsibility.


Jim Dickson.



jped Mathematics Factoids Dec 2015